Das sozialistische Internet

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

Ho, interessant: Der Brite Stafford Beer hat 1970 in Chile für die Allende-Regierung Cybersyn, ein landesweites Netz zur Sammlung ökonomischer Daten, aufgebaut.


Until now, obtaining and processing such valuable information – even in richer, more stable countries – had taken governments at least six months. But Project Cybersyn found ways round the technical obstacles. In a forgotten warehouse, 500 telex machines were discovered which had been bought by the previous Chilean government but left unused because nobody knew what to do with them. These were distributed to factories, and linked to two control rooms in Santiago. There a small staff gathered the economic statistics as they arrived, officially at five o’clock every afternoon, and boiled them down using a single precious computer into a briefing that was dropped off daily at La Moneda, the presidential palace.



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